Sujan Kafle LR Associates is a firm of Chartered Accountants established in pursuant to the Nepal Chartered Accountants Act, 1997; provides wide range of business services to companies, in a variety of industries, nonprofit organizations and individual. The firm specializes in statutory audit and internal audit function, business advice and consultation, tax planning and accounting and auditing services.

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Internal Audit

SKLR gives out its clients with internal auditing services according to the statutory and management requirement and for in-depth checking of day to day transactions made in large business organizations and companies. Through our internal auditing service, we provide the system study of organization. Such study enables the organization to control and efficiently manage the use of different resources. In our domain, we are one of the leading internal auditing service providers serving to vast clients base over the country. Our corporate internal auditing services are accurate, reliable and effectual enough thus admired by all our clients.

Management Audit

We provide Management Auditing Services that helps client/organizations brings several changes in their working styles. We are aimed at providing a result-centric auditing to management that provides the imperious for positive changes in the organizations. Concept of management auditing is recent enough but just with short time, a number of organizations seem interested towards knowing that how their management is working. In such auditing, large focus remains on evaluating the efficiency and appropriateness of controls by challenging underlying rules, procedures and methods. Management audit is a type of internal audit based on audit and cause-and-effect analysis. The rightly made management audit is potentiality to evaluate the management of an organization. It evaluates from the angle of performance & propriety.

Statutory Audit

SKLR is also providing the service of Statutory Auditing. Different companies registered in Nepal are required to get their accounted audited from chartered accountants. This function is required to make every year. The business/organization/company are required to get their accounts audited under various statutes. We offer qualified statutory auditing services to our client-organizations.

Tax Audit

The auditing is done by qualified chartered accountants. Our tax auditing services are provided by highly experienced chartered accountants. Our uniqueness in Tax audit is collective review from the different angles.

INGO/NGO/Fund Based Audit

NGO stands for Non Government Organization. It is an association of persons or a body of individuals. We do internal as well as statutory auditing of NGOs through our NGO Auditing service. Our service evaluates different types of transitions made in NGOs. In NGO, an association of individuals works cooperatively with non-profit motive. NGOs are registered with District Administration Office and are regulated by Social Welfare Council in Nepal. In addition to this we also have engaged on evaluation work of different INGOs in capacity of financial expert under Social Welfare Council (SWC).


The Labor Act 2074 under Section 100 has required of conducting Labor Audit by all Enterprises and new Labor Regulation 2075 further require with set reporting framework. These provisions require to conduct Labor Audit by the end of Nepali Month of Poush (Mid-January) every year and submit to its regulators. Stressing out further the requirement, Ministry of Labor has framed and issued Labor Audit Standard 2018 for implementation to be effective from November 22, 2018.
Our Scope of Labor Audit will be compliance of following legislative frameworks-

  • Labor Act and Regulations
  • Social Security Act and Rules
  • Bonus Act and Rules
  • Trade union Act and Rules
  • Internal Rules and By-laws of the Enterprise
  • Other relevant issues


We also provide value added taxation service. VAT services includes VAT return filling, preparation of VAT registration and reconciliation of such books with accounts, refund claim lodge etc. we assist you to comply the requirements of VAT Act and Rules.


You may need a Chartered Accountant’s Certificate against the value of your property and income for any purpose. In the case, we provide you a certification service of your property and income based on valuer’s valuation.


As our country is entering into development phase from different prespective, more enterpreneurs are interested to have new business. To capitalize these opportunities, SKLR will provide all business solution model starting from business plan preparation to presentation to bank and financial institutions and establishment and development of accounting system into the organization.


SKLR provides a best range of information system auditing services. These are deliberately devised to provide our clients with the perfect solutions to their problems. Information systems audit is all about an examination of the controls within an Information technology (IT) infrastructure. In its process evidences of an organization's information systems, practices, and operations are collected and evaluated. Doing this audit determines that the audited information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating efficiently and competently to attain the mutual goals or objectives of organizations. The related reviews may be performed in coincidence with a financial statement audit, internal audit, or other form of attestation engagement involved with. Information systems audit are also considered as Automated Data Processing (ADP) audits and computer audits. They were previously known as Electronic Data Processing (EDP) audits.
Types of IT Audits:

  • Systems and Application.
  • Information Processing Facilities.
  • Systems Development.
  • Management of IT and Enterprise Architecture.
  • Client/Server, Telecommunications, Intranets, and Extranets.


Having expanded audit work and connected services over years, today the firm provides clients with tailor made advisory services on the full spectrum of matters relevant to:

  • Indirect Tax Laws
  • Direct Tax Laws
  • Banking Laws
  • Securities Laws
  • Company Laws
  • Finance Laws
  • Foreign Exchange Law
  • Banking Law


Due diligence is undertaken as part of M&A advisory work. With Due Diligence making for you or your clients we are capable of establishing certain facts about a company or property in Nepal in which you have interest. The process is also aimed at uncovering “hidden defects” in the legal status of such company or property. The experience includes both banking and non-banking sector clients, national and international, provided with tailored solutions in accordance with a service level agreement covering financial, legal, tax and IP/IT due diligence.
You, as a buyer, may or may not prepare for the seller a “wish” list (a due diligence request list, specifically identifying the documents which the buyer wants to review.) Alternatively, the buyer might request that the seller produce all documents and information relevant to the business, legal, and financial aspects of the target business. Or, the buyer and seller may agree which documents and materials are to be produced in a side letter, which will specifically identify the documents to be produced by the seller for the buyer’s review. Finally, the buyer may make specific requests for documents in those areas previously identified as problem areas of the seller. Particularly in Nepal, when carrying out due diligence exercises, it is frequently difficult to achieve the balance between, on the one hand, giving the client a clear assessment of risk and, on the other, putting the due diligence reviewer in a vulnerable position. Clients always appreciate guidance as to the significance of any particular matter, the likelihood of that risk turning into a liability and, if so, the quantification of that liability.
It is possible to achieve that balance by giving the client an honest assessment of the relevant risk but at the same time making it clear that the reviewer’s judgment is based only on the documents reviewed and is subject to such other factors as may be specified. Commercial due diligence is an equally important aspect of business for foreign companies seeking to penetrate into the Nepalese market.



These days one of the most sought after field of consulting in Nepal is Management Consulting. The firm offers the following services in the field of management and administration consulting:

  • Conducting of a company’s peer review.
    • Financial analysis
    • Existing business processes analysis
    • Management system analysis
    • Analysis of how efficiently material recourses are used (material surplus, finances, long-term assets)
    • Production costs analysis and sundry expenses analysis
  • Financial management department. Assistance with elaboration and implementation of specialist systems of management with a view to increase of effectiveness of the use of a company’s financial resources and conduct of business activity (including planning systems (budgeting) of financial and material flows.
  • Advising on aspects of optimization of property and costing structure (with or without any tax mitigation schemes).
  • Analysis of existing investment projects and elaboration of tailor-made business plans taking account of clients’ specifics.
  • Enterprise reorganization
    • External - Organizational: enterprise reorganization, segregation of business into independent enterprises, change of funding methods and direction of financial flows.
    • Internal - Manufacturing: rearrangement in allocation of production facilities amongst workshops, segregation of non-profile, sideline production etc.
  • Debt rescheduling
  • Re-engineering of business processes. Fundamental raise in profitability of business due to rearrangement of the nature and rescheduling of work performance by way of eliminating superfluous operations and clear definition of tasks for every working place.
  • Conducting an appraisal of investment attractiveness of enterprises. Analysis of investment projects and conduct of due diligence prior to solicitation of investments and credits.
  • Enterprise preparation for privatization. Advising on a plan of privatization
  • Elaboration of corporate strategy and corporate management policies.
  • Analysis of document management systems, elaboration and introduction of advanced document management system.
  • Executive search and staff & performance appraisal

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